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Chris Romany is a qualified local expert in Real Estate who has a passion for helping people, regardless of their situation. He buys and sells houses full time, and is focused on property in the Central Florida area.

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What Listing Your House Is Really Costing You In Orlando

You might think that listing your house is the only option when you decide it’s time to sell. However, more and more people are opting for a direct sale instead of hiring an agent. You have options when selling your Orlando house. Find out what listing your house is really costing you when selling in […]

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What To Spend Money On When Selling Your House in Orlando

Ready to sell your house in Orlando? There are a number of things you can do to add value. However, not all of them are worth the investment. In our latest post, learn more about what to spend money on when selling your house in Orlando and Central Florida and how to reduce your costs! […]

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10 Mistakes Home Sellers Can Avoid In Orlando

Ready to sell your house in Orlando and Central Florida? You will likely have many decisions to make along the way. Learn more about mistakes home sellers can avoid before selling their house in Orlando! There are many things to consider when selling your house. Sellers often make the same mistakes, but there are ways to avoid […]

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Should I Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell My Home In Orlando Or Sell To An Investor?

Are you thinking about selling your house? Perhaps you’re weighing the pros and cons of how to sell and wondering, “Should I Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell My Home In Orlando Or Sell To An Investor?” If so then this blog post is for you! (It also applies to anyone looking to sell […]

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What If My House Won’t Sell During A Divorce in Orlando?

If you’re going through a divorce and you’re trying to sell a house, you might be wondering, “what if my house won’t sell during a divorce in Orlando or Central Florida?” That’s a good question to ask so be sure to read this blog post and we’ll share our best answer with you… A divorce […]

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How To Sell Your Home Quickly In Orlando And Other Parts Of Florida

You want to sell your local Orlando Florida home and you want to do so quickly. Right? Perhaps you have another commitment with the money or you need to move. Whatever the case is, you need to sell your home quickly in Orlando and move on. Unfortunately, homeowners who need to sell their home fast […]

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Advantages of Selling Your Home Yourself in Orlando

Most people think you need an agent to sell your home, but we want to prove otherwise.  We want to share with you the advantages of selling your home yourself in Orlando and Central Florida!  The first one might be a bit obvious, but…. NO COMMISSIONS TO PAY!  Real estate agents can charge up to […]

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Using Psychology to Sell Your Home in Orlando……..

When you’re getting ready to sell your Orlando Central Florida home, you’ll want to make sure you have everything working for you. Depending on your area, there may be several similar homes on the market, all with similar amenities. If you want to sell your house quickly, it has to stand out and feel unique. 5 Clever […]

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How to Set Your Home Apart to Sell Easier in Orlando

Are you thinking about selling your Orlando home? Most likely, you are going to have some competition in your area. It may require some work on your part, but in the long run, a little work can get your house sold fast! House Solutions USA has put together some great guidelines on how to set […]

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Signs It Might Be Time to Sell Your Home in Orlando

Many people encounter some hesitation when they are first thinking about selling their home. After all, you lived there for some time, and the decision of moving out of a comfort zone is not easy for most people. If you’re on the fence, consider these signs it might be time to sell your home in […]

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